Roselind Rex
Roselind Rex is prolific writer, teacher, mentor, counselor and trainer. Her family is her strength and her support. Today the Lord has empowered her with talents that enable her to present the Gospel of Christ in a creative and lucid manner. At the same time, her counsel and her teaching have drawn more than 50,000 youth from the clutches of sins and bondages! After serving among teenagers as a volunteer with CSI Chennai Diocese and Youth for Christ for nearly 6 years, she surrendered her life in obedience to God’s call, to serve Christ in full time. Roselind Rex is married to Rex Clement. They are blessed with two children, Ringlin Krispah & Reynold Krisil. Rex Clement is known for his contribution in Christian Media, for almost 25 years. He is a well seasoned and reputed Christian Media Professional, bringing the good news to millions. Roselind Rex initiated and headed the ministry among Teenagers in Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB) from 1995 - 2005. Teenagers are hard to handle if they are not properly understood. But In her unique style and by creative methods she conducted retreats and camps throughout Tamil Nadu and introduced Christ to the teenagers. She also introduced the missionary vision to the teenagers and made them to become prayer partners and giving partners of the mission work. Many teenagers even surrendered their life to become missionaries and now are actively serving in North India. She holds a Masters in Divinity degree specialized in counseling at the Singapore Bible college. (2005 – 2008) She also headed the Youth Department of Jesus Redeems Ministries from 2008 till 2016. She led more than 50,000 youths every year to the Lord through this ministry. She also served as an Editor for the Tamil & English Youth magazine called the “ValibarUlagam” & “Youth Life”. She is also gifted in counseling and has helped many young people to seek freedom from suicidal thoughts, stress, depression and various sinful addictions.
She is also excellent at hosting youth programs in Television. “Cross Roads”, “Yesuvum Nanum” and “Enna Seivathu” are some of the top rated Christian TV programs which reached many young people and families. She was privileged to interview the great man of God, Bro. Mohan. C Lazarus. She was awarded as the “Best Interviewer” twice by the Galilean Awards for her great contribution in interviewing various people. She has a special anointing in identifying the gifts and talents of the young people and carefully mentors them to become a potential person in the kingdom of God. By her careful mentoring she has created many young leaders who are serving Christ nationally and internationally As a founder of “Word Life Foundation” her God given vision is ….to Evangelize, Equip and Empower the youth to be a powerful witness to Christ. ….to Restore, Rebuild and Reinforce families who will in turn build the kingdom of God. Having the “Word of God” as the base, she is burdened to teach, train, correct & rebuke the youth and young couples through various seminars, workshops, Training Modules and Bible Studies. (2 Tim 3:16, 17)