Vision and Mission

Core Values

  • Supremacy of God’s Word and His Glory
  • Disciplining & training young people and families, lovingly toward Christ like character, rooted on God’s word.
  • Our ministry is based up on the Scripture, according to 1 Timothy 3:16, 17. All Scripture is inspired by God…. to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.

Vision Statement

The vision of “Word Life Foundation” is to transform the YOUTH & FAMILIES through God’s word, and train them to be a powerful witness for Christ.

Mission Statement

“Word Life Foundation” (WLF) mission is to: Evangelize, Edify & Empower, young people. We introduce Jesus, make them disciples and train them to be a powerful witness in their work place & neighborhood. We reach them through strategic methods like: retreats, camps, training programs, seminars, workshops, and counseling & pre-marital counseling, Bible Study, broadcasts, social media and various publications We Restore, Rebuild & Reinforce the families on God’s word through: marital & parental counseling, young couples meetings, family camps & seminars and Leadership training programs. We help the young people and families to walk in freedom in Christ, deeply rooted in God’s word, live a principled life, become a Godly generation and finally touch lives through their powerful witness. WLF also partners with Churches, Para-Church Organizations, Educational Institutions, Corporate Fellowships, Mission Agencies and NGO’s to minister among Youth & Families.