Today’s Christian families are in a real threat and the most pathetic condition is that the couples are unaware of it. Any attack in marriage becomes a blame game between the couples and hence the real problem and the real enemy are left unattended. Word Life Foundation has a special vision to Restore the couple’s relationship through Biblical counseling, Rebuild the family system by teaching Godly principles for family and Reinforce the family by training them in sharing the gospel, to be a powerful witness for Christ. Basically we help the couples to live a life based on the principles of God’s word and become a light in their own community. We partner with Churches and Christian organizations in building healthy families for Christ.

Every individual enters the married life with his/her baggage. Different personalities, brought up styles, belief system when comes together under one roof often rubs the shoulder which ends in conflict. Added to the internal conflict, factors like In-laws, work pressure, finance and some major changes outside also affects the couple’s relationship. Most of the couples come to us seeking healing for their hurting marriage. Through biblical counseling we try to identify the nature of conflict, make the couples understand the factors behind the conflict and offer God’s guidance in the midst of life’s difficulties. We especially facilitate the couples to be reconciled with each other applying the principle of Christ like forgiveness. We are of assistance to the couples to have a restored, loving & joyful relationship.
Hurting marriage and unhappy couples are the result of unhealthy handling of issues & challenges in married life. Couples are neither taught or trained to handle stuffs like relational problems, handling of finance, communication skills, parenting etc., All that they have learnt is from their parents and from their relatives. But most of the time that does not work in their marriage as every couple is unique.
Our “Marital Seminar” has been designed to teach the couples as how to consistently experience God’s love, joy, and peace in the midst of life’s busyness & stress. The “Marital Seminar” provides an opportunity for the couple to take an important time-out, have a date away from the demands of daily living, and be biblically encouraged and strengthened in their marriage relationship. We share the basic biblical principles to strengthen, educate and encourage families to have a joy-filled marriage in a long haul.

  • Couples are educated on the topics like: handling Finance, personality differences, healthy communication, Physical Intimacy & Godly Parenting.
  • Marriages are nurtured and given tools to strengthen the relationship
  • Parents are encouraged and equipped to raise a godly generation
  • Couples are motivated to attend a Bible study and hence be rooted in the word of God
  • Families are encouraged to grow closer together and create memories in a setting of Christian community
This Seminar will give Couples Insight Into:
  • …knowing how to receive and give unconditional love.
  • …learning how to have all your needs met in Christ.
  • …perceiving how male and female uniqueness contributes to oneness.
  • …understanding how to meet each other’s sexual wants and desires.
  • …maintaining a love relationship that lasts a lifetime.
  • …resolving conflicts quickly.
  • …applying the important aspects of forgiveness.
Once the fence of the marriage is strengthened, the couple is very much ready to be fruitful in the kingdom of God. Serving God as a family is an ultimate blessing and is also what is truly expected out of a Christian marriage.
Hence we conduct “Training workshops” to train the couple to be a powerful witness and to share the gospel in their workplace and neighborhoods.

  • Couples are supported and revived for a larger vision and more effective ministry
  • Couples are nurtured through Biblical teaching, service, and interaction with others for a deeper relationship with Jesus
  • Couples are equipped with counseling and relational skills to heal the broken hearted