Christian Marriages are in so much fire in these days. The rate of divorces, living separate lives have become common occurences. Christian couples are not aware of the spiritual and worldly attack on their marriage and hence they play a blame game which ends in loads of hurt, pain and bitterness towards each other.

Attacks from the nearest family members, work pressure, lack of work-life balance, corporate culture are some of the major problems which affect the marital relationship. In India a husband or wife coming out of their shell to share their problem to a third person is considered as shame. But at present the climate is changing and couples come out of their walls to voice out their problems.

Couples who walk in for counseling are treated with respect and are given guidance considering their cultural & personal constrains.

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    Understanding and identifying the real problem or problems which causes so such disharmony in the married relationship

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    Once the problem is identified we help the couple to see the problem in a fresh perspective which prompts the growth of understanding and empathy

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    Challenge them to take a different approach to get a peaceful result. Both Biblical and practical guidance is offered so that the couple’s relationship will be restored, and they are filled with joy & peace.