E-Generation is misunderstood and hence are found difficult to handle by parents. Parents are ill-equipped, and their knowledge of handling the children is based on their experience with their parents, which is a completely not relevant in handling the present day teenagers. Moreover Parents are busy with their careers, they seldom have time to be invested on their children, and they cover that lack by indulging the children to enjoy luxury of getting what they want. Which leads this generation in a different direction altogether

In parental counseling we address the problems on both sides – the parents as well as the children. After listening and discovering the cause for the conflict, we recommend specific methods to derive at the right solutions which will bring peace between the parent and the child. We always help both the parents and children to look back on the biblical principles and also provide the practical changes they have to make in their attitudes, communication and understanding. In this counseling we like to see the beautiful relationship between parents and children are restored and healed and thus the family is rebuilt.