Choosing a spouse is a critical & huge decision that changes the course of the individual. Our culture is very sensitive and the whole family is involved in this decision. Added to this, the one who is to getting married might never have his/her say on the choice of the spouse. Also, due to lack of preparation, the young adult is unable to handle the stresses and pressures which will arise later in their married life.
At WLF we offer pre-marital-counseling for young people as a group who are getting ready for marriage and also for individual couples who are betrothed for marriage.

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    In these counseling sessions, we help the young people get prepared for their new roles & responsibilities holistically.

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    We enlighten them about the “God’s Original Design” of marriage and teach them how to carefully choose their life partner.

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    Here, we educate them how to handle the key components of married life like commitment to one another, communication, finance, in-laws, physical intimacy and parenting.