Present younger generation is independent, innovative, creative, and have sky-scraping knowledge about the current technology. While they are expertise in the field of education, arts and business, most of them collapse in their personal life. This Generation of youth is assertively manipulated, attacked and deceptively drawn to the sensual pleasures of the world. With sins being tolerated and media being blatant about these sins, Holy living is often considered not-so-cool or a taboo to the youth. The prince of the air (satan) is ruling the air waves, sound waves in drawing this precious generation away from the Word and enticing them to the World leaving them empty & void. JESUS is the only person who can fill the void and make their life overflowing with joy and happiness.

Hence we, at WLF, have aggressively positioned ourselves to redeem the youth from the bondage of sin, and turn their hearts to Jesus
(Isaiah 61:1-3)

In Evangelism we witness young people being

  • Saved by His blood
  • Delivered from their sin
  • Healed from their past
  • Walk boldly with a hope of Eternal Life
(Hebrews 4:12)

In Equipping we want the young people…

  • To grow in the knowledge of the word
  • Be rooted strongly on the basic doctrines
  • Be confident about the Bible content
  • To have principled holy life style
  • To identify God’s call for their life.

  • By spiritually discerning their specific calling and training them to be ambassadors for Christ
  • By imparting training programmes that will revive the youth in areas of leadership and accountability, Teen and Youth Psychology, Youth and peer pressures and share the Gospel in the community that they can influence